Sample GREY GRAPHITE 7016 - Tiles

Sample GREY GRAPHITE 7016 - Tiles

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Colour sample Bacacier GREY 7016 - Tiles

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Colour Range
Tôle Tuile
Colour Range
Colour Range
Colour Range
Tuile R
Polyester (RAL) 45 µm
Steel thickness
0.50 mm

The presented sample is offered to promote the colours and shades of coated steel. The dimensional, physical, technicals and aesthetic features are presented only for publicity purposes and cannot, in any way and by any means, be held against the Bacacier company. This means that the presented sample can be considered as a reference model. It is strictly the customer's responsibility to monitor and safeguard the installation of the products as being conform to the applicable professional standards and regulations (Technical documents, regulations, standards, installation guidelines and professional rules.